Gothic Pink Sweater with Velvet Shorts

It cannot be denied that all of us love to wear colored sweaters on public. A pair of color sweater and velvet shorts will help you to look more stylish and elegant. You can purchase this gothic color sweater + velvet shorts set here for only 42.24 US Dollars. It comes up with two variety of colors; light blue and pink. It also features a unicorn-like color which will be perfect for those who are fond of collecting unicorn-based items.

It is made up of wool and is ideal for wearing during office hours. If you are a fond of wearing above knee-length dresses, it is perfect for you. It is also featuring an O-neck collar. This set will look ideally with those who have fair and light skin tones. You can also pair it with your silver pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces. A pair of knee-length black socks will also look perfect with this outfit. To add some elegance when you wear this color sweater + velvet shorts set, you might consider wearing a cute sling bag. A pair of sneakers or boots will also look perfectly with this outfit. It only means that wearing this color sweater + velvet shorts set is not only ideal during office hours. You can also wear it during your hangouts with friends.

Grab one here Gothic Pastel Sweater with Shorts

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