Pastel emo

The identity of a person can be seen based on the different aspects like the way they behave, their hobbies, their dreams, and even in their style with regards to fashion. Through fashion, many people are able to express their thoughts even without saying anything. It seems that it is their way of communicating to others. It lets them feel safe and comfortable. One of these styles that many are incorporating is the Pastel Emo. We all know that Emo refers to emotional hardcore. It revolves around the idea of darkness. They are also commonly associated with having the personality of the negative aspects such as cutting, depression and other pessimistic ways of living.

When we hear their name, what comes into our minds are color black that is shown in their band shirts, jeans that are very tight, and even hoodies. But with regards to the Pastel Emo, it declines the heavy atmosphere of the Emo itself. Because this fashion style is a combination of emo and pastel, this is more lightweight. We can imagine emo with colors not restricted to black since it is mixed with pastel colors that are just light-colored. It balances the style which makes it interesting because it gives us two personalities in just a single fashion sense. The Pastel emo is a good fashion style, for it provides the wearer a taste of the dark side, and as well as they can still show the lighter color by using pastels. People who like to be emo but still wants to look less heavy by dark colors, then Pastel emo is just the right style for them. Of course, people don’t want to look edgy at all times. So, with the combination of a lighter color like pastel this will create a variation that can possibly gain the confidence hidden in the body of the wearer.