Pastel Goth Aesthetics

Clothing and accessories are not the sole basis for having a good style when it comes to fashion. For it to be complete, aesthetics is an additional factor in the fashion industry. Each way of putting something in our face to be better needs to complement our clothing. The pastel goth, one of the new trends right now is one example in which aesthetics is a crucial part. When we talk about aesthetics, what comes in our minds are make-ups. But the application of these still depends on the occasion or the kind of style we are having. For the

Pastel goth aesthetics, it is all about the contrast between the light colors and dark colors. Since the Pastel goth is anchored in the gothic approach, it merely depicts the dark shades like black. But because of the pastel color being attached to the style, it can be coupled by lighter color to balance the look and not overpower the gothic side. There can be many ways to achieve the desired look. For instance, having the lips colored black because of the influence of the goth make-up, it can be balanced by putting a lighter pink as the eyeshadow.

In this way, there is weighing of the aesthetic that matches the total look without making it more gothic or less pastel. In order to achieve a Pastel goth aesthetic, we only need to know how to complement dark colors to light colors because this is where the make-up will revolve around. Having the Pastel goth aesthetic will strengthen the style of the pastel goth together with the accessories. This will lead to a more attractive look and would not look like a monotone since it involves so many colors be it light or dark in shades.