Pastel Goth Fashion

Pastel Goth Fashion is one way of expressing one’s identity, emotion, and thoughts. It serves as a gateway for people to encompass what is in their minds and be able to translate it through their looks. This is how many people show how they feel about their lives and how they see things. Nowadays, these are very common to the adolescents who style themselves not just because of what is trending, but they also based it to their feelings. In this diverse world, there have been a lot of fashion styles that represent someone’s identity.

One of which is what we call the Pastel Goth. Pastel Goth is now a trend in the fashion industry. This kind of style is a combination of the gothic approach with cuteness on the other side. This new trend sprouted from Tumblr and is sometimes called a soft grunge or a nu goth. In this type of appearance, people can be seen wearing different accessories, dyed hairs, pastel colors, or black clothing with the touch of Japanese “Kawaii” fashion and other aesthetics that involve a gothic and cute look.

This style shows how the dark and light can be incorporated into one fashion but still looking great. People who like to mesh with their dark and cute sides are suited in this fashion style. Aside from the clothing that can be used, this type of fashion also needs accessories to further show the strength of the new trend. Also, apart from being a new trend, this fashion style can last for a long time. So, we can actually have fun looking for the right match of what we will look like since there is a lot of options. The Pastel Goth simply shows how fashion can be stretched further and that it is a booming industry.