Pastel Goth Shirt

For every style, we want to have the best clothing as much as possible. It will be the voice of our body if we cannot express it verbally. So, before we even wear them, we think deeply whether it matches our personality or it just says nothing at all. It is better that we are critically making opinions about how we look because, most of the time it will reflect on ourselves. But we have to be sure that what we wear is what we are comfortable with. The pastel goth style comes in different styles of clothing.

We have pants, jackets, leggings, shoes, socks and the most common of all is the shirt. The shirt in this kind of fashion style is all about prints and patterns with the collaboration of the right color. It could be in a dark color or a colorful one with matching cute little drawings of flowers, cartoons, and animals. Some examples of Pastel goth shirts include:

  • an alien face crop top which is a light pink in color with an alien face on the upper left side of the front shirt,
  • a candy gamer tee shirt which is printed by these large sweet cakes and ice creams all over the shirt with a dark base color,
  • a senpai Neko shirt which is color black with a drawing of a cute girl anime at the center,
  • a clever girl shirt with purple as the base color and printed with a dinosaur face at the center, and many more designs.

The Pastel Goth shirts show the mixture of both gothic and cute styles through its colors and the prints drawn at the shirts. These only explain how we can be creative in doing a Pastel Goth style, even just with the use of the shirts.