Pastel punk

Being able to wear an outfit that expresses our emotions feels good. Without the world being judgmental, we can freely choose what we want to have in our bodies, and that will embody our identity, not as a whole, but what is important is that there is something that resembles ourselves even just a part of it. It can be the soft side of ours like the pastel color or something that is sharp like a punk person. One of the trending fashions right now is the Pastel Goth, this just simply is the combination of the elements of the gothic style and the Japanese “Kawaii” street fashion.

But apart from this, there is what we call the Pastel Punk Goth. We can observe that somehow these two kinds of fashion are just related to each other. This type of fashion is just the same as the Pastel Goth except that it already incorporates punk styles. These Punk styles can be things that resemble punk-like chains, leather jackets, band t-shirts, combat boots, spikes, jeans, and other punky tools. The difference of the Pastel Punk Goth to an actual Punk is based on the colors.

We can see that pure punk is all about black and dark colors, but here in the Pastel Punk Goth, it revolves not just on a darker color but also in the pastel color palette. Pastel Punk Goth is all about incorporating the Pastel Goth with the addition of the punk side. This is suited for people who want to look edgy but at the same time with the touch of a pastel color. Sometimes the opposite attracts, just as how these two contradicting styles become a unifying style for some people. We just have to remember that when we wear these, we are comfortable.