Pink pastel goth

Whenever we choose our clothes or accessories, we always look in the mirror and see if everything that we wear perfectly matches with each other. And one thing that we meticulously observe is the color of each garment or accessory. This color might be there, not because you just happened to see it.

There may be a deeper meaning, and through that color you can actually show how you truly feel. Just like in the Pastel Goth, color is one of the most important parts. In a pastel goth style, the color black is said to be the foundation of all other colors that we might put in the attire. So, we can still add pastel colors that can level up the design. One of which is what we call the Pink Pastel Goth.

As the name shows, this kind of style is a pastel Goth with a combination of pink colors from the clothing up to the accessories and hair color. The wearer should use color pink as the name suggests, and together with this, we can also have our hair dyed pink and clips or make-up a shade of pink. Various elements could be combined to make it edgier yet with a soft, girly scent. For example, is the cropped pink biker jacket that is perfectly combined with a pink skirt that is high-waisted.

This was also paired by a pink lipstick and pink sandals that completed the look. There is also the pink Graphic Gothic Biker Hoodie, which we can match to other shades of pink and a base of black. For women, whose favorite color is pink but still want an edgy look, the pastel pink goth could be the right style for them. It is just going to be about how they will carry this fashion style with conviction.