Top Gothic Books

Our literary editor, will scour the earth to find you the best literary delicacies in many dark genres.

Graphic Novels

Death: The High Cost of Living
    Death is quite possibly the best goth character ever created in the history of comic books. In this book she does her usual inspiring of others and near the end she can even be seen demonstrating the proper use of a condom. Go figure…

Vampire Books

Midnight Blue
The Sonja Blue Collection
This book held my interest long past bedtime. This is the type of book that you cannot put down, no matter how late it is. Sonja Blue is a vampire that was created accidentally by a careless and cruel vampire. She is a strong and independent woman who seeks revenge. Very nicely written and very intriguing, perhaps even to people who aren’t usually big fans of vampire novels.

Love in Vein
Twenty Original Tales of Vampiric Erotica
The first book of vampiric erotica is edited by Poppy Z. Brite, a new author of vampire erotica and fiction. She has written other books of note such as Exquisite Corpse. This book is filled with 20 deliciously erotic and sensuous stories for those interested in vampires as sex partners. Seductive, forbidden.

Covenant With the Vampire
The Diaries of the Family Dracul
A vampire novel rich in dynamic relationships between vampires. The Family Dracul is heavily involved in this novel. This is the first vampire novel in the series by Jeanne Kalogridis. Very sensual at times, and it involves great sacrifices.

Complete Vampire Chronicles
The Tale of the Body Thief, The Queen of the Damned, The Vampire Lestat, Interview with the Vampire
The complete vampire collection. Who could pass this one up? These books are combined into one: The Tale of the Body Thief, the Queen of the Damned, the Vampire Lestat, Interview With the Vampire. These are the classics of vampire-oriented literature. Anne Rice is a brilliant author with unique stories and uses very interesting story lines. These books are romantic, haunting, exciting, and well written. Truly worth reading. Even if you have already read these novels, this combination is a good collector’s item!

Guilty Pleasures
This is the first book in a series of 8 vampire books by Laurell K. Hamilton. The story line centers around a vampire hunter named Anita Blake. She is a necromancer and is on a mission to … well, just read the book, it is good. Well written and enthralling.

Fetish & D/S

The Bottoming Book
The Bottoming Book is a humorous yet informative book concerning all things bottom. This book and the book below are both great for covering the more sensitive aspects of BDSM.

The Topping Book

Our great companion to The Bottoming Book, this book allows the reader into the psyche of the Top, or Dom.

Occult & Religion

The Art of Psychic Projection

I read this book at a time in my life where I was really having trouble keeping a certain someone away from me mentally. I was suffering a lot from things unknown to me. This book is refreshing and allows for each individual’s creativity in ritual and ideas. It accomadates all kinds

The Good Spell Book

Instead of turning your ex into a toad or casting misfortune upon your boss, focus on the good in life with this wonderfully illustrated collection of easy-to-follow traditional spells of the Romany people–also known as Gypsies–for good luck, love, health, and wealth.

The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries

Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting, and Other Womanly Arts…/Complete in One Volume.