Top Gothic Cigarette Holders

TheGothicShoppe Cigarette Holders are first quality and will stand up to years of use. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are priced attractively. They make a unique and personalized gift too. For more information about how to care for your cigarette holder please read the FAQ we have provided.

TOP 10 Gothic cigarette holders

*NEW* 4 1/2″ Black w/ Various Colors

While classic, elegant and stylish this is also perfect every day cigarette holder. This cigarette holder will fit cloves, Sherman’s and slimmer cigarettes quite easily. Measuring 4 1/2 inches long, this holder is the right length for many occasions and fits well in ones purse or pocket. With an all black Lucite stem you may choose from the following colors: Precious pink, hunter green, faux mother of pearl, or light maroon. Please be sure to specify which color you prefer.

*NEW* 17″ Black, Gold w/Ejector

Next to your broomstick this will be the longest tool in your arsenal for clubbing or attending the opera or a play! This 17 inch holder means one thing and one thing only b_tch! This holder will fit all regular length cigarettes and most 100’s. When compared to our 18 inch telescoping holder most say that this holder allows slightly more “taste” to pass through with less of an airy sensation. With a stem of jet black and gold plated ejector this holder will surely be the hit of the party!

18″ Telescopic/Black, Chrome, Gold w/Ejector.

The Ultimate in style and elegance. When fully extended, only true divas will use this on a daily basis–but for the rest of us its an excellent accessory for formal occasions. “Though you need to be careful in crowded clubs with this holder, it’s a definite head-turner when I am out on the town,” writes one of our customers, Robyn Mitchell of Minneapolis.(Black,Chrome or Gold tone can be chosen once order in shopping cart.

Elegant Six Inch Black Holder with accent ring.

This six inch long holder features a small gold band near the ejector.  A good choice for everyday use, it is also suited for that special night on the town.

4″ Black or Red Lucite Holder with Rhinestones

An affordable holder to use every day, it features a small ring of rhinestones around the barrel.

Sterling Silver Holder with hand sculpted embossing
A great day-to-day holder as well as elegant enough for parties and clubbing this genuine silver-plated holder will be an heir loom. Measuring 4 inches long, this holder fits all cigarettes even “slims” and 120mm cigarettes.

6″ Telescopic/Black, Chrome, Gold w/Ejector.
Perfect for use as an everyday holder or bodes just as well for a special night at your favorite club.

12″ Telescopic/Black, Chrome, Gold w/Ejector.
This is telescoping holder is 1 foot long when fully extended. A definite head turner while still retaining a sense of style and practicality.

3 1/2″ Jet Black w/Ejector.
Another afforadable yet durable and distinctive holder. “Black is back!”

4″ Fancy Holder
Made of pure steel and is non-telescoping. Available in basic black, this holder is perfect for day-to-day use and is equally at home at clubs and other functi